Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

Photos can showcase your Events to the world. Whether you’re a third-party planner showing clients the magnificent programs you bring to life, an exhibition manager promoting upcoming events, or an incentive planner motivating attendees toward future goals, nothing works quite like high-quality photography.

But it’s important to get photography into the budget from the start, because costs can add up. Pricing for an event photographer can range from $150 to $300 per hour (typically with a two- to four- consecutive-hour minimum), and this could easily vary by 20 percent based on the photographer’s location and, most significantly, his or her level of experience. You could also see additional costs depending on how you receive the photos, for example via Custom Branded Websites, Secure Download Links, or USB.

A photographer with extensive experience and a solid client base is going to cost more, but what experience buys you is a thorough understanding of most photographic situations and an understanding of the challenges inherent in a meeting and trade show environment. The meetings business serves up challenges that require not only photographic skills, but also insight and flexibility, scheduling know-how, and a certain level of sophistication—your photographer may be working face to face with your C-level execs and VIPs.

15 Key Questions To Ask When Hiring A Corporate Event Photographer:

What percentage of your business is shooting meetings and trade shows?
How long have been in the meeting business?
Do you have a Web site with samples of your work?
Do you include unlimited usage rights in your pricing?
How and when will I receive my photo images and is that included in the price?
Do you have recent references?
Do you know the venue, and are there areas that are convenient for group photos or environmental portraits? Is there a backup location for bad weather?
Are you insured for at least $1 million?
What is your attire on site?
Do you arrive 15 to 30 minutes before you need to begin shooting?
Are you available 24/7 to respond to last-minute changes to the schedule?
Do you bring backup equipment on site?
Can you provide an on-site studio for updating attendee or board member headshots? Is there an additional cost?
Do you offer Web sites for viewing/downloading photographs for attendees or internal company use?
Do you offer photo-sharing technologies that are sustainable and interactive for your guests
Equally important as the questions you’ll ask the photographer is the question that he or she should be asking you: What are your goals and objectives for the photos? An experienced photographer should be able to shoot with the style and content that will achieve your goals, whether that be creating an annual report, amusing your guests, or highlighting your educational content.


A number of new technologies are available to make meeting photography more interactive, green, and innovative.

iLite Mobile Photo Booth – A tablet based camera system designed to be a great photo entertainment for your attendees. Our photographer can roam your evenT to interact with your guests and capture a branded photo that can be share instantly via e-mail.
Instant Wireless Slideshows – The photographer can instantly send images to screens creating an interactive entertainment and teambuilding experience.

Photo Kiosks – On-site kiosks allow attendees access to all photos for printing, downloads, or social-media sharing.
Remember that photography is not just photography. It can serve as entertainment, marketing materials, and memorable gifts. There is a fabulous emotional component attached to images that’s hard to duplicate in any other way. Shooting wisely and making the most of your event photos spreads out the cost—and positive impact—of a photographer’s services.


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  1. perumpamaan dan poto yang bagus banget mba :)

    Masa depan? iya nih semakin lama-semakin tidak jelas saja, mungkin semakin dewasa semakin banyak alternatif hidup jd semua pilihan ingin dijalani…
    tp tetap berharap memiliki masa depan yang indah mba :)

  2. I pray a lot for my future and for my family and their future. I even pray for my step-daughter’s mother. The future is a wonder and I know it will go exactly as it is supposed to.

  3. tadinya, pas liat judul, saya kira ini soal grammar hahaha.. btw, saya juga pemakai hp htc dulunya, keren ih.. soal masa depan, saya sih let it flow saja.. *eh

  4. aku salah fokus ama tahun pembuatannya wkwkkwkw. alhamdulillah…masih ada yg lebih lama dari postinganku
    btw, istilah phoneography masih dipake gak yaa? atau sudah ganti pake yg lain?

  5. I like the idea how the picture taken. So true! None can predict the future. Even we see possibility, there’s many options or possibility can happen.

  6. First of all, your Yangon Myanmar reminds me a when I visitied Myanmar.

    Talking about future, yes its true that its unpredictable. However, I do believe that my future will eventully be as I expected if keep doing things that will get me closer to the things that I want it to happen in the future. ^^

  7. Future tenses is about how to make a wish and make it come true, and then u should complete it with future continous. So then your hope will be more bigger and your struggle will be more stronger. :)

  8. Penggambaran masa depan yang simple kak.
    Sama seperti komentar ini, ditulis oleh saya di masa lalu, dibaca oleh kak Rara di masa depan

  9. Baru k’ mau bilang rajinnya tawwa Kak Rara ikut weekly photo challenge, eh ternyata ini postingan lama wkwkwk.

    Saya suka foto yang kedua, baguski sa lihat. Pernah dengar merek hp HTC, tapi lupa lupa ingat yang kayak bagaimana itu

    *brb googling

  10. “The past can not be changed, and the future is unsure. But we can learn from the past and change a better future.”

    Suka banget dengan quote ini kak. Yup, masa lalu tidak dapat diubah sedangkan masa depan masih rahasia. Tapi ya, kita selalu dapat belajar dari masa lalu untuk mengubah masa depan kita menjadi lebih baik.

    Btw… selain quotenya yang mantul gambarnya juga cakep banget dan meski ini postingan lama tapi seperti baru ditulis saja (karena saya juga baru membacanya sih?)

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