Mau Ke Candi Prambanan? Ini Tips Lengkapnya!

Ada yang sudah pernah ke Candi Prambanan? Saya sudah, tapi kira-kira tahun 2010 setelah pulang dari acara blogger di Solo. Waktu itu rencana balik ke Jakarta melalui jalur selatan, trus menyempatkan diri mamapir ke Candi Prambanan. Ini juga sebenarnya karena belum pernah ke sana sebelumnya :D jadi lah saya, Nawir, Nhie, dan Nuri mampir.

Saya, Nawir, dan Nhie di Candi Prambanan. Foto oleh @nurikidy.
Candi Prambanan. Foto oleh @nurikidy.

Luas wilayah Candi Prambanan adalah sekitar 39,8 ha. Luas banget -_-” butuh persiapan maksimal untuk mengunjungi setiap sisinya, tentunya selain tenaga dan perut yang kenyang ya hehe. Iya, persiapan maksimal supaya tidak melewatkan hal-hal menarik selama mengunjungi Candi Prambanan, seperti yang tersaji pada informasi traveloka aktivitas dan rekreasi. Tapi tak jarang juga, pengunjung yang datang harus kebingungan terlebih dahulu mau melakukan apa, di bangunan yang luasnya puluhan hektar tersebut. Untuk menghindari hal tersebut, coba cek-cek informasi dan tips perjalanannya di bawah ini.

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#MozKopdarJKT: #FoxYeah Jakarta

To celebrate the latest Firefox update we are creating a campaign that helps fans of Firefox invite the people in their networks to download Firefox. You can find events all around the world with hashtag #FoxYeah for this occasion.

#MozKopdarJKT - #FoxYeah

In Indonesia, we did in 5 cities: Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Madura, and Sinjai. In this post, I will write about the #Foxyeah event in Jakarta. We have mozillians meetup regularly in Jakarta. Like once in two or three months, we organize #MozKopdarJKT event. And this time, #MozKopdarJKT felt so different with #FoxYeah.

#MozKopdarJKT - #FoxYeah : Registration Table

#MozKopdarJKT - #FoxYeah

For the first time, finally, we held our event at Jakarta Digital Valley, Menara Multimedia fl.6 – Kebon Sirih. Thanks to Jakarta Digital Valley (JakDiVa) and DBB Accelerator for the venue.

#MozKopdarJKT - #FoxYeah

#MozKopdarJKT started with introduction with each attendees, and I start to explain about what’s new in Firefox 38, such as Pocket Integration and Firefox Hello with tab sharing.

#MozKopdarJKT - #FoxYeah

A new integration with the popular save-it-for-later service Pocket will allow Firefox users to save articles, videos and more right from Firefox. A user can retrieve saved content by clicking on the Pocket icon in Firefox or by installing the Pocket app on their smartphone or tablet. You can access Pocket through your Firefox account.

Pocket Integration
Pocket Integration

We’ve also added tab sharing to Firefox Hello, our WebRTC based video communication platform that allows a user to converse without downloading software or creating an account. Just start a conversation, send your friend a link and ask them to click it. The addition of tab sharing provides users with the ability to share content while chatting on video.

Firefox Hello with tab sharing
Firefox Hello with tab sharing

After my presentation, Rizki Ariestiyansyah, our new Indonesian Rep, spoke about how Firefox gives you choice and control, also how Firefox gives you tools for transparency. And of course, along with the demonstration for duckduckgo, forget button, private browsing, Do Not Track, lightbeam, showing the open code and the process, etc.

#MozKopdarJKT - #FoxYeah

Next, William Quiviger as Global Community Manager for Mozilla, sharing about the Participation at Mozilla, which is very interesting to learn.

#MozKopdarJKT - #FoxYeah

Dian Ina and Eriska got a chance to share about Mozilla Club that night. More about Mozilla Club, you can check here.

#MozKopdarJKT - #FoxYeah

The coolest thing that will be launch next month, Webmaker App for Android. Arief Bayu introduce a glimpse of Webmaker App for Android with some app demo.

#MozKopdarJKT - #FoxYeah

At the end of the event, Yofie Setiawan launched our new community website. Yes, it is new and fresh! Please check it out at :) Thanks to Yofie for the big effort in redesigning and rebuilding our beloved community website :)

#MozKopdarJKT - #FoxYeah

And of course, the group photo!

#MozKopdarJKT - #FoxYeah

..and enjoy this! ;)

Thank you XNAWorld for the awesome video :)

Webmaker App Launch Meeting

June 14th, 2015. Mozillians, Reps, Webmaker Mentor, FSAs gathered at Ibis Tamarin Hotel – KH Wahid Hasyim, Jakarta. A special training about Webmaker App for Android was held in that place, and all the attendees have to prepare for the Webmaker App for Android launch within a few weeks. William Quiviger came to Jakarta to teach us in this training.

Planning Workshop
Planning Workshop
Webmaker App GTM Meeting
Planning Workshop

Mozilla Foundation believe the Web is at its best when all users can participate and create. With that goal, the Mozilla Foundation is excited to launch two new initiatives:

  • The all-new Webmaker: a free, open source platform that is simple, fun and a key building block for understanding the Web. Emerging from beta in June.
  • Mozilla Clubs: an opportunity for makers, mentors and learners to meet regularly to learn the mechanics, culture and citizenship of the Web together.

Together, these two initiatives aim to empower people everywhere to actively shape — not just passively use — the Web.

Mozilla Foundation set out in 2015 to reinvent Webmaker as a single product that would appeal to a mass market of makers and serve as a simple entry point for learning basic Web literacy.

The All-new Webmaker App
Mozilla’s first user-generated content platform with fun at its core. Combining the participatory spirit of the Web with a focus on local community and content, we’ve built a tool that allows anyone the opportunity to elevate their skills from Web user to Webmaker.

Key features include:

  • Unique & flexible content creation
  • Easy to use & fun
  • Locale-based discovery gallery
  • Built-in sharing
  • Available in 5 languages (and growing)
  • Remixable content to inspire peer-to-peer creativity
  • Connectivity to community of fellow web makers
  • Embedded with “lego-like” learning opportunities
  • Free, open-source, and independent

Webmaker is for anyone who has a mobile device and is looking for a creative, fun and unique way to tell their create, discover and share content on the Web.

Mozilla Clubs
Mozilla Clubs are groups of learners guided by a club captain who meet regularly to learn the mechanics, culture and citizenship of the web to foster innovation and collaboration on the open Web.



A Mozilla Club will:

  • Teach how to read, write and participate on the web using participatory learning, rather than listening and watching.
  • Develop the digital skills and leadership of its learners while contributing to a global community of peers.
  • Empower learners through purposeful making, reflective learning, and meaningful action with and on the Web.

A Mozilla Club must:

  • Meet regularly and on an ongoing basis
  • Have at least one Club Captain who organizes the group, and guides the learning and adds the club to the map.
  • Commit to the mission of spreading Web literacy with Mozilla.

Launch in Indonesia
In order to launch the Webmaker App for Android in Indonesia, we have so many homework to make it happen. Localization, create contents, school visits, campus visits, Mozilla clubs, finding Mozilla club captains, etc.

Planning Workshop
Planning Workshop
Planning Workshop
Planning Workshop
Planning Workshop
Planning Workshop
Planning Workshop
Planning Workshop
Planning Workshop
Planning Workshop
Planning Workshop
Planning Workshop
Planning Workshop
Planning Workshop
Planning Workshop: Group Photo
Planning Workshop: Group Photo

And we ended the day with Satay Party and Karaoke :P
Photos from Rizky Ariestiyansyah, Yofie Setiawan and Diky Arga. More photos at Rizky Ariestiyansyah’s Flickr album.

Visit to SMK Assalaam – Kab. Bandung

Several weeks ago, we got an e-mail from one of the teacher at SMK Assalam – Kab. Bandung. In his e-mail, he wants Mozilla Indonesia come and visit his school in Kabupaten Bandung. After exchanging some e-mails and texts, finally we can decide when to visit the school, on May 30th, 2015, after Festival TIK 2015 in Bandung.

SMK Assalam is one of the vocational schools in Indonesia, with a competency expertise Lightweight Vehicle Engineering (Automotive Engineering Four-Wheeled and two), Motorcycle Engineering (Mechanical Automotive Wheels Two and Four Wheels), and Computer Engineering and Information Technology with a curriculum which refers to industry and official curriculum. The school itself is 1 hour driving from the central of Bandung City, located at Cibaduyut Raya street.

Me, Fauzan Alfi, Muhammad Fadhil, Rizky Ariestiyansyah, Shinta Setiawan, Budiman, and Eriska Triana are visiting the school, and met the principal, teachers, students of SMK Assalaam.

Students from SMK Assalaam - Kab. Bandung
Students from SMK Assalaam – Kab. Bandung
Explaining about Mozilla to the principal and teachers
Explaining about Mozilla to the principal and teachers

I shared all the things about Mozilla community and Mozilla projects to the principal and teachers of SMK Assalaam, Fauzan shared all about FirefoxOS, Webmaker and Mozilla Club. It seems that the principal and teachers of SMK Assalaam are interested with Mozilla Club program.

Reps and Mozillians are visiting SMK Assalaam - Kab. Bandung
Reps and Mozillians are visiting SMK Assalaam – Kab. Bandung
Reps and Mozillians are visiting SMK Assalaam - Kab. Bandung
Reps and Mozillians are visiting SMK Assalaam – Kab. Bandung

We also got a chance to walk around the school, visiting the lab and the class room, meet with the students.

Visiting the lab
Visitng the lab
Visiting the lab
Students at SMK Assalaam
Students at SMK Assalaam
The computer lab in SMK Assalaam
The computer lab in SMK Assalaam

After all the chat and discussions, we are hoping the SMK Assalaam soon will be one of our Mozilla Clubs in Indonesia.


See the photos for this visit at Rizky Ariestiyansyah’s flickr album.

External links:
Visit to SMK Assalaam Bandung
Mozilla Indonesia has been Visited SMK Assalam at Bandung District

#fx10 Jakarta : 10 Years of Firefox

Firefox reaches to 10 years on November 9th, 2014. And Mozilla Indonesia are celebrating #fx10 with almost 50 Mozillians at Jakarta, on November 14th, 2014.

The event was held at Eatology Cafe, Central Jakarta. As usual birthday party, there is always a bite to eat, there were Firefox cupcakes, birthday candles, and of course there are some gifts to take home.

We had some discussions, talks and share about the last 10 years and talk about Firefox and Mozilla in general, about Firefox Developer Edition, and about Firefox Student Ambassador program.

Irayani Queencyputri was talking about the last 10 years, Firefox and Mozilla in general
Yofie Setiawan was sharing about Firefox Developer Edition
Rizky Ariestiyansyah was sharing about the Firefox Student Ambassador program.

And don’t forget about the party!

Dinner is served!
Some happy mozillians :p

Some goodies to bring home ?
Say your birthday wish!

And the last thing, photo sessions!

Prepare for the board
Firefox ears!
Firefox is our independent choice!
And of course, the group photo!

See you in the next meetup!! \^o^/

Weekly Photo Challenge : My Neighborhood

It’s a phoneography challenge from The Daily Post!

Every week Daily Post giving us photo challenge that we can post any kind of photos or pictures depends on the theme of the week. Since this week, Daily Post start to give challenge on phoneography. Phoneography means took a photo with your phone ^_^

Here’s the challenge :

To kick this off, grab your phone and head out the door. That’s right — get on your feet and go outside to explore — and document — where you live. I want to see your neighborhood: The path you take for your daily morning run. Your local coffee shop or dive bar. The nearby alley of street and community art. A shot of the intersection that perfectly captures the bustle of your own corner of town.


Welcome to my neighborhood. I didn’t live in a town that full of green green grass of home. I live in a very busy city : Jakarta – Indonesia.
I also didn’t live in a house that surrounded by green park. I live in a simple apartment in the middle of the busy city.

What I like is… the morning scene from my 10th level window. Captured last year.

Sunrise from my window room
Sunrise from my window room, taken with Samsung Galaxy Note N7000.

Not every morning I found this scene, since I am not a morning person :D

Jalan-jalan ke XL Xplor

Weekend yang lalu saya menyempatkan untuk berjalan-jalan ke Central Park. Ketika lagi exploring, ternyata di lantai LG ada XL XPLOR yang baru dibuka. Ya udah, saya mampir deh ke situ. Ternyata XL XPLOR ini adalah salah satu tempat dan sarana edukasi dari XL untuk para pelanggan, mengenai teknologi layanan data terbaru dalam bentuk showcase atau live yang terlengkap. Konon kabarnya, XL XPLOR ini merupakan pusat live experience pertama untuk teknologi komunikasi terbaru yang ada di Indonesia.

Ya udah, masuk deh lihat-lihat. Ih keren-keren. Di XL XPLOR ini kita tidak hanya melihat, namun juga dapat merasakan pengalaman menggunakan teknologi komunikasi dan informasi yang termutakhir. Baik itu untuk merasakan layanan data yang sudah ada, maupun bereksplorasi tentang teknologi aplikasi dan ponsel canggih yang akan datang dan belum beredar di pasaran.

Boleh nyobain macam-macam di XL Xplor ini

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Make It Happen with Jessie J

Kalau diperhatikan, Indonesia akhir-akhir ini banyak kedatangan penyanyi-penyanyi internasional. Dari tahun kemarin (2011), hingga tahun ini makin banyak memenuhi jadwal konser di Indonesia. Tahun lalu saya sempat nonton The Cranberries di acara Java Rockingland. Awal tahun ini dibuka dengan konser Katy Perry, dan kemarin saya menyempatkan diri untuk nonton Roxette yang juga mampir ke Indonesia dalam rangka Roxette 2012 Live World Tour-nya. Deretan berikutnya yang akan menghiasi jadwal-jadwal konser di Indonesia, yaitu Charice, Dreamtheatre, Jessie J, Earth Wind and Fire, Anthrax, Secondhand Serenade, L’arc~en~ciel, New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys, hingga Lady Gaga.

The Cranberries

Salah satu yang cukup menarik perhatian adalah Jessie J. Mungkin belum banyak yang pernah mendengar nama Jessie J, tetapi bila diperhatikan, dua dari lagu-lagunya cukup sering diputar di radio akhir-akhir ini. Dua lagu tersebut adalah “Price Tag” yang dirilis pada awal tahun 2011 dan langsung memasuki 10 besar dalam chart musik di beberapa negara dan nomor 11 di US, dan “Domino” yang menjadi single kedua yang masuk ke dalam top 10 di US.

Tentang Jessie J
Jessie J sudah jelas dikenal dunia sebagai musisi internasional yang berkualitas dan digandrungi para pecinta musik pop. Namun, perjalanan karirnya sampai menjadi musisi ternama seperti sekarang bukanlah sesuatu yang gampang. Jessie J mulai merintis karirnya pada umur 17 tahun, pada awalnya ia dikontrak oleh suatu label, namun tidak lama kemudian label tersebut bangkrut sebelum materi musik Jessie J sempat dirilis. Dengan cobaan yang menantang itu, Jessie J tetap bersikeras untuk mencoba lagi dalam bermusik. Ia pun memulai kembali perjalanannya untuk make it happen dengan menulis lirik-lirik lagu untuk musisi internasional seperti Chris Brown dan Miley Cyrus, termasuk hit single Miley Cyrus “Party in the USA”.

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Judul di atas merupakan hashtag twitter #7HariAvatarBajuAdat yang mulai merambah di timeline twitter, setidaknya 2 hari terakhir ini (terhitung dari tanggal 25 Januari 2012).

Awalnya karena saya mengganti avatar di twitter yang udah jadul dengan foto yang menggunakan baju adat asal daerah saya, Makassar. Foto tersebut dipotret oleh Armin Hari pada saat lagi foto bareng dadakan bareng teman-teman Angingmammiri yang lain :)

Foto bareng teman-teman Angingmammiri. Photo by Armin Hari

Di facebook sih saya sudah menggunakannya sebagai cover photo :D Alasannya sederhana. Saya berasal dari Makassar – Sulawesi Selatan, dan saya ingin baju adat ini diketahui oleh khalayak banyak, bahwa baju ini merupakan baju daerah dari sekian banyak baju daerah di tanah air tercinta Indonesia ini :)

Nah berhubung Blogger Nusantara 2012 nanti diadakan di Makassar, sesuai dengan pengumuman resmi hari Senin tanggal 23 Januari 2012 di acara syukuran kantor ID Blog Network, saya kemudian mengganti avatar akun twitter saya dengan pose yang memakai baju bodo (baju adat asal Bugis-Makassar), demi mempromosikan dan memperkenalkan Makassar ke teman-teman lainnya :)

Tanggal 25 Januari yang lalu, saya di-mention oleh @SupirPete2, bahwa dia ngajak teman2 lainnya untuk ganti avatar memakai baju adat Sulawesi Selatan selama 1 minggu, seperti avatar saya. Saya lalu menyambut ajakan tersebut, dengan membuat ajakan ini menjadi global, agar teman-teman dari daerah lain dapat turut berpartisipasi.

Samber-samberan dengan @SupirPete2

Saya mengusulkan untuk menggunakan hashtag #7HariAvatarBajuAdat, dan disambut baik oleh @SupirPete2 :) dan di balik hashtag ini, keinginan saya adalah.. ingin memperkenalkan bermacam-macam baju adat di seluruh nusantara melalui avatar twitter.

Proses mulainya #7hariAvatarBajuAdat

Gerakan ini murni dari saya dan @SupirPete2 secara personal, tanpa ada pengaruh dari brand tertentu, gerakan tertentu, atau sebuah modus. Gerakan spontan malahan :D Tau-tau udah jalan aja :P

Mulai dari 7 hari tanpa mengganti avatar dan bagaimana supaya gerakan ini tetap berjalan terus sebuah tantangan tersendiri bagi saya dan @SupirPete2. :) 7 hari dihitung sejak tanggal 25 Januari 2012 kemarin :)

Dan bola salju pun bergulir :) dan jujur sesuatu yang saya tidak sangka, ternyata teman-teman di timeline saya satu-satu mulai menyambut gerakan ini, dan di hari pertama itu, ketika malam makin larut, makin kencang juga samber-samberan #7HariAvatarBajuAdat.

Saya yakin, sebagian besar dari kita semua, mungkin sudah lupa bagaimana baju adat dari suku yang berbeda di Indonesia ini. Yang teringat biasanya adalah blangkon atau kebaya. Itu saja. Mengapa demikian? Sebab baju adat adalah baju yang tidak dipakai sehari-hari. Biasanya hanya muncul pada saat parade 17 Agustusan, dan saat nikahan :D

Terbukti, banyak yang akhirnya mengais-ngais foto-foto lama demi ikutan #7HariAvatarBajuAdat :D ada yang memakai saat dirinya masih kanak-kanak, ada yang memakai avatar saat masih kurus *lirik2 orang ini*, bahkan ada yang pakai foto anaknya hahaha *woi curang hahaha*

Hasilnya.. sampai hari ini, saya dapat menikmati avatar-avatar yang bernuansakan nusantara. Kenapa saya bilang nuansa nusantara, sebab dari baju adat Aceh, Minang, Kalimantan, Jawa, Madura, Bali, Sulawesi, Maluku, Papua, bahkan NTT pun, bertebaran di timeline :) *peluk-peluk semuanyah*

Masih ada 4 hari lagi menuju akhir #7HariAvatarBajuAdat. Sudahkah Anda berpartisipasi? ^__^