Glenn Fredly in Concert at Score!

Yesterday I went to Score! at Panakukkang Mall, to attend Glenn Fredly’s concert by SIMPATIzoneTelkomsel. I got 2 tickets and I ask Bati to accompanied me that night. It was written on the ticket that the show starts on 10 pm, but the reality is the show started on 11.30 pm! There was too many quizes, games and ads made us boring and sick of it. There’s no table available when we arrived on 9.30 pm. There are some available tables but they’re reserved already. Because it took so long, we only watched Glenn Fredly sang until 4 or 5 songs and then we went back home. We went back home on 00.30 am.
The concert was so hillarous and Glenn always give his best and great performance. He sang “Akhir Cerita Cinta”, “Hatiku Terganggu”, “Kau Milikku”, “Kau Masih Di Sini”, “Belum Saatnya (Berpisah)”. I don’t know the rest of the songs sang on concert because we went home after that.
The concert was so great, but it was too late for us!

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