Vacation: Bali Here I Come!
I’m going to Bali! Hehehe yes, it’s true! Because of this long Eid vacation, I think I’ve got to refresh my brain and my head at Bali. Wonderful beautiful Bali, here I come! Hehehe.. How many of you have been to Bali?
No, this is NOT my first time to Bali. This is my 5th times to Bali, but I keep on longing to spend my vacation in Bali. Why? Because Bali such a great place! Bali needs no introduction. Artists and tourists have been coming to this island since the 1920s, when air travel was in its infancy and sea travel was considered and extravagance. They heard of the fabulous attractions of the islands by word or mouth and they came, looking for beauty and peace of mind, enjoying its virgin palm-fringed beaches and the sights of its peaceful villages set in a tapestry of green paddies and towering mountains. And, guys, it is really true!!
So what I need now is to pack all my things to go. I will need:
– sunglasses
– money (of course!! yay.. we’re gonna shopping there!!)
– my sony cyber-shot 4.1 mega pixels digital camera
– my sony DV 120x digital zoom handycam
– my sony MD-walkman + headphone
– clothes to wear
– a hat and a scarf
– my Nokia 2300 + headset :p
I guess all already checked and packed up. What I got to do in Bali later will be:
– get a temporary tatoo at my ankle or wristle heheheh :p~
– get my hair being a rasta-gal :D
– do bungee or ketapel thing at Kuta
– parasailing..!!
Gosh, I can’t wait a few hours from now I’ll be at Bali hehehe..
This is my preparation before go, wearing a funky contact lenses.. heheh :p~

And here’s my ticket, ready to fly!

Ok, fellas, c ya!! Wish me a SAFE TRIP would u :) Gonna miss u all…

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