Waiting for Birthday Messages?
There was email in the inbox, but it was not ethe mail I wanted to see. There were bills, there were advertisingns, there were thank you notes and invitations, there were so many SPAM emails about winning something soemthing in Florida or anywhere else. But, the piece of mail that I wanted to see in my inbox was not there.
I had faith that the piece of email I wanted to see would come, because it always comes. Without fail, every year on my birthday an e-card arrives. Nothing fancy. No money inside. Just a simple note reminding me that I�m getting older and assuring me that I am loved. But, for some reason, this year it was late. The day before my birthday, no e-card. The day of my birthday, no e-card. The day after my birthday, no e-card. Two days later, no e-card. Three days, then four days, and five days after my birthday, still no e-card.
When you are expecting to hear from someone you love, every passing minute seems like an eternity. The message from your friend assuring you that the surgery went well. The call from your brother letting you know, �It�s a boy!� The invitation to the party that you hoped for. The long awaited call saying, �You have the job!�
Waiting for a word from a loved one is difficult even if it is only a short wait. But imagine waiting four hundred years to hear from someone you loved. That�s what the people of God had to endure as they waited to hear another word from God. Someone recently suggested that the blank page in our Bibles separating the Old Testament from the New Testament is symbolic of those four hundred years of silence. No prophet. Not tablets. No cloud of fire. No manna. No sign from heaven. Only silence. They waited.
Then, the silence was broken. The mail finally came. What a message it was! After four hundred years of silence God sent the living Word. After four centuries with no communication God says, �I love you. This is how much I love you. See my Son? He is my message of love to you and to all people. Receive Him. Love Him. Follow Him. Embrace His teaching. Life is in Him.� What a way to break the silence!
Maybe you are looking for a message from someone who loves you. Maybe you are waiting for a special word. The message has been delivered. It is in your box waiting for you to open and read. �God loves you.� He wants you to understand that He loves you so much that He sent His Son to die for your sins. He wants you to know Him. He wants you to live like you know that He loves you. No matter what you have done or have not done. No matter how unlovable you may feel. He loves you. The mail you have longed to receive has been delivered. The wait is over.
Read: John 3:16-17.
Oh, by the way, my birthday e-card? It came. Six days after my birthday. I was relieved. I�m still loved.
That’s about my last year’s birthday.
But hey.., TODAY is MY BIRTHDAY! Congratulate me.. hehehe :p~

Thanks to God Almighty for (still) giving me chances to breathe and live it up my life, thanks to my beloved family, my dear hunny, and this bunch of people who always surround me whether I’m sad or happy. Also to all of you who always have the intense coming to my blog, all of you! Thank you!
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