What are the best foods for healthy teeth?

What are the best foods for healthy teeth?

Having a consistent, healthy diet, is good for your body AND for your smile. Many people don’t realize how important their food is for their teeth. Just like unhealthy food can cause your enamel to wear away and stains to occur, healthy foods can keep your teeth strong and can even make them whiter.

Some of the best foods for healthy teeth may come as a surprise. These foods are easy to incorporate into your everyday diet and make the effects of your good oral hygiene that much more effective. Other than maintaining your teeth by brushing and flossing and visiting your dentist twice each year, adding these nutritious bites will make a huge difference in the health of your teeth.

Cheese is one of the best foods for healthy teeth for a number of different reasons. For one, it is low in sugar and high in calcium, but that’s not all. Cheese is also an essential part of a healthy diet because it contains casein, which is a protein that is particularly useful for fortifying the tooth enamel. Check out the latest dentitox pro reviews.

Many vegetables are good for teeth because they require a lot of chewing, which causes additional saliva and helps to clean teeth surfaces. Celery is particularly useful because it breaks down into fibrous components which physically clean the teeth more effectively.

Pears are a great fruit for a healthy diet and healthy teeth because the flesh of the pear actually helps neutralize the acid in your mouth that causes decay. Yogurt is a tasty treat that contains something called phosphates, which actually work to remineralize teeth.

You may already eat some of these great foods for your teeth, but it doesn’t hurt to add all of them to your diet and create the healthiest smile ever. There are plenty of great recipes available online that can help you use all of these foods together and make one big healthy meal that will strengthen your smile.


Manufacturing, like all sectors, was hit hard on the past year, from supply chains to the factory floor. Tim Parkinson, Airedale Springs’ Chairman, believes that something has to change now, so that manufacturers can prevent a similar situation from happening again.

Not since the imposition of the three-day week back in the 1970’s has an event forced business to work differently. Any good business should examine its operation, what it does and why; and is it beneficial to the business, its employees and the environment; not just for today but also for tomorrow. The world has changed and so must we.

Airedale Springs are taking a closer look how businesses can protect themselves from being negatively affected by events like these in the future.

Investing in smart factories
Automation has been a vital component of manufacturing even before the global pandemic, but it’s now clear that implementing a smart factory can go a long way to prevent issues such as skills and raw material shortages, which are detrimental to productivity and the bottom line. Learn more about the flock manufacturer process.

This is because Industry 4.0 technologies, such as the Internet of Things and autonomous robots, can offer better solutions to businesses in the future. These include creating a safe workspace for staff, using virtual reality or remote communication for training, helping to create a more flexible workforce and aiding in the development of innovative processes and systems.

For those businesses that haven’t invested in automation yet – or those that know they could be doing more – the pandemic has proved to be a catalyst for change. For instance, manufacturers need agile and flexible processes if they hope to survive an event such as the coronavirus outbreak.

Airedale Springs

Airedale Springs has remained open throughout the pandemic. Image courtesy of Airedale Springs

Automation is a key feature at Airedale Springs, from the cutting-edge simulation software we use to the latest CNC machines that allows us to manufacture products to our clients’ exact specifications.

Working around skills shortages
Businesses that relied mainly on personnel during lockdown saw how hard it was to stay open or to conduct business as normally as possible. Automation offers an added degree of safety that is capable of keeping businesses afloat even during the most challenging of circumstances.

Social distancing is likely to remain in place for the foreseeable, which means businesses may have to learn to perform with a reduced workforce. The industry is already suffering from a skills gap and a lack of young people interested in manufacturing, which only serves to worsen the problem.

Automation ensures that production carries on even if you’re unable to have a fully staffed premise, and it can help you to keep the quality high no matter what.

So, while the potential of personnel restrictions can lead to limited production (and even shut the facility in its entirety), an investment in automated processes and machinery, as well as on digital technologies, can provide businesses with a great deal of security and prepare them for future issues.

Diversifying supply chains
It’s clear from the outcome of the pandemic that many (if not most) businesses around the world were not ready for the massive disruption of the supply chain.

Focusing your supply chain in just one area, for example, can result in your production slowing down or stopping if factories close. This is why many manufacturers struggled when factories in China were shut down – many were relying heavily on those suppliers and were, therefore, left without key materials or products for a long time.

Investing in several, and more importantly local, supply chains is not just important to prevent supply disruptions, it’s also crucial to be able to answer spikes of productivity, such as seasonal bursts.

#MyanmarTrip – The Departure

Mendengar kata “Myanmar”, beberapa dari kita pasti langsung teringat dengan film hollywood “The Lady” yang mengisahkan tentang perjuangan dan biografi dari Aung San Suu Kyi. Negara ini merupakan salah satu negara yang bukan tujuan favorit di Asia :D tapi entah kenapa, saya malah jadi lebih penasaran untuk ke Myanmar ini.

One backpack only for 5 days in Myanmar.
One backpack only for 5 days in Myanmar.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Lunchtime

Eating is something that you should do if you a human. Of course, any mankind on this earth surely like to eat. Especially when we are in a deep hungry state.

Anyway, in the big city, lunchtime has so many meaning. Lunch meeting, lunch date, etc. And lunch typically falls in the early-middle of the working day, it can either be eaten on a break from work, or as part of the workday. The difference between those who work through lunch and those who take it off could be a matter of cultural, social class, bargaining power, or the nature of the work.

Regularly, I cooked my own lunch, and bring it to the work. It is just for financial reason :p but when I woke up late or when I just don’t have any mood to cook, I will have lunch nearby my workplace. Nothing special with my daily lunchtime.

Last Christmas day, I had lunch with some of my family. It was something that unusual, since we are rarely meet each other. Here’s a picture of us, happily eating those Szechuan dining.

Family lunch on Christmas day (2012).
Family lunch on Christmas day (2012).

And here is a picture of a friend who is really enjoy her lunch hahaha..
I took the picture with my HTC One S phone :)

@ssetiawan with 4 portion of Coto Makassar! :D
@ssetiawan with 4 portion of Coto Makassar! :D

And how about your lunchtime? Anything delicious?

–Inspired from Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime.

Hello Again

Hello blog, how are you?

Sudah cukup lama blog ini ditinggalkan, hingga udah penuh jaring laba-laba sana sini haha :D Baru sadar, postingan terakhir itu bulan November 2012. I even didn’t write about my resolutions, my kaleidoscopes, like others did.

So much things to do, so much things to think, so much problems in the head, bikin jadi gak kreatif dan gak bisa ngapa-ngapain. Well, I am not gonna blame my problems, but I’m gonna blame myself, kenapa nggak mau berusaha untuk bisa nulis paling enggak beberapa postingan >.< blogging

Lately I met this passionate blogger in Malang, Ghea, di sebuah acara bernama WikuFest 2013. Kenapa saya bisa nyasar ke acara WikUFest itu, akan ada satu postingan tentang itu khusus :) atau bisa baca di sini. Point yang ingin saya ceritakan di sini adalah.. Ghea ini bikin saya teringat sama masa muda *ceritanya sekarang sudah tua karena sudah sering encok haha* yang selalu menggebu-gebu dan bersemangat untuk membuat sesuatu yang kreatif dan belajar lebih banyak. At least, itu yang saya tangkap dari beberapa kali berinteraksi dengan Ghea. Jenis blogger yang sudah cukup langka di jaman sekarang ini.


Dan karena Ghea dan teman-temannya, saya jadi memacu diri nulis blog lagi *ah-lesyan* dan pingin bisa rutin nulis lagi seperti dulu. Recharged, I guess? :D

Semoga bisa terlaksana ^_^


Ya ya saya tau, ini postingan telat, sebab tahun baru sudah lewat kurang lebih 2 minggu yang lalu :P

#My2010 adalah salah satu hashtag yang beredar di salah satu jalur jejaring sosial: Twitter. Varian lain dari hashtag ini adalah #2010was yang sempat menjadi trending topic di hari terakhir tahun 2010 kemaren.

Berikut di postingan ini saya ingin cerita2 tentang tahun 2010 saya. Tahun ini adalah tahun yang gado-gado untuk saya. Ada susah, ada senang, ada sedih, ada marah, ada kesal, ada benci, semua bercampur jadi satu. Dan di akhir tahun ini, saya hanya bisa tersenyum mengingat semua yang telah terjadi di tahun ini.

Siap-siap berlama-lama di sini, karena postingan ini sangat panjang dan penuh foto2 :D

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Desember: Sebuah Renungan

Tidak terasa, sudah bulan Desember. Kembali menghadapi akhir tahun. Lagu-lagu Natal mulai diputar di beberapa mal, hiasan Natal mulai menghiasi beberapa toko, bahkan sale untuk Natal pun mulai berjalan. Tak ketinggalan, biasanya kalau Desember, pak polisi pun punya tradisi: Operasi Lilin. :D

Tadi di salah satu mal, saya mendengar lagu kesukaan saya di saat bulan Desember. Judulnya The Christmas Song. Lagu yang dimulai dengan kata-kata “…Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…” itu sangat syahdu dibawakan oleh Nat King Cole. Musiknya pun sangat indah, dan membuat saya dapat merasakan suasana dan kehangatan Natal, walaupun saya lagi ga di depan api yang menghangatkan. Mungkin itulah mengapa judulnya The Christmas Song.

Dan lagu ini pun membuat saya makin diam dalam renungan.

Anyway, di bulan yang paling terakhir di tahun ini, mau tidak mau membuat kita menjadi bertanya-tanya pada diri sendiri. Apa saja yang telah dilakukan tahun ini? Adakah sesuatu yang berguna? Apakah saya menikmati tahun ini? Adakah resolusi tahun ini yang tercapai? Ada banyak hal yang membuat kita sontak merenung dan berkontemplasi.

Jadi, bagaimana dengan tahun ini?
Apakah kalian sudah melakukan sesuatu yang bermanfaat, sesuatu yang berarti di tahun ini?
Let’s ask ourselves.