Borrowed Heaven
To sum this album up I would use the word “Grower”. First time that I heard this album I have to admit I was disappointed, I’ve heard the sort of songs, I thought countless times. But I sat and listened to every song, every lyric and the melodies grow on you, they really do.
With 4 years since the last album The Corrs would have to pull off something fantastic to win back the crowd, and it seems they have done it. The album is a mixture of styles from both Talk on Corners and In Blue which both won them many fans. With the poppy upbeat song Summer Sunshine storming the chart currently, Angel; a beautiful tribute to the departed Jean Corr is sure to follow in its footsteps. Hideaway and Even If are also very catchy tracks. Long Night is a nice beautiful ballard which really stands out and reminds you of the like of Intimacy from Talk On Corners. Humdrum and Borrowed Heaven (featuring Ladysmith Black Mambazo) are very unique songs the latter is very soleful. Silver Strand finishes the album off very nicely.
The “Irish” feel is partly back in this album, with a lot more violin than In Blue and the welcomed return of the tin wistle in Angel. The only song which lets the album down is Time Enough for Tears, from the In America soundtrack.
The Corrs album shows growth for me, no album will surpass the wonderful Talk on Corners, but I believe this is a return to form after a few years break. We all no what to expect from the Corrs, those who have realistic expections I can guarantee will not be disappointed :)

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