Misoshiru a.k.a Miso Soup

Thank you to Mamananda for sending me some japanese food stuffs. One of them is miso pasta, which is used for making a japanese soup called misoshiru or miso soup.
Thank you to Emak Geboy for sharing her recipe at Info Dapur Blogger Family Forum.
Here’s the recipe, modified a bit by me according to Indonesian style :p
400 ml water + 2 cubes of chicken broth
2 teaspoon miso
1 block of tofu cut into dice style 1 cm
1 leek, cut into thin slices
1/2 teaspoon of pepper
How to cook:
1. In a soup pot, heat the water and add broth. (I should use dashi for the broth but because I don’t have dashi here and it’s difficult to find dashi, so I just use chicken broth. Some people use fish broth)
2. Add Miso with a ladle or a large spoon, stir to help it dissolve.
3. Add Tofu diced into 1cm. cubes and boil lightly. When heated through, add the leek.
4. Serve in individual soup bowls and eat it while hot.

It looks terrible because I didn’t cut the tofu into blocks, but the taste is satisfication guaranteed!!


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