Happy Birthday Bati, Congratulation to Incha-Ija-Cunul

Hari ini 3 orang teman gw disahkan menjadi dentist. Mereka adalah Incha, Ija dan Cunul. Hari ini juga, si Bati ulang tahun. Dan ngumpullah semua di tempat penyumpahan yaitu di Aula Lama FKG UNHAS.
Ceritanya lewat foto ajah yah hehehe.

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Horeee.. dapet hadiah :D

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Buka pelan-pelan… :p

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Lho? Dapet handsfree NOKIA? Ga salah nih? Handphoneku kan Sony Ericsson :D

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Serba pink! Hehehe.. (yang dalam lingkaran merah itu adalah hadiahnya)

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Iseng foto-foto di depan latar foto wisuda. Mau sekali mi diwisuda kodong!!

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Hehehe baru aja diwisuda langsung dimintain sumbangan. Kasian deh loe… :p

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Foto foto… Bati, Emmy, Rara.. eh ada K Edwin nyempil di belakang..

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Yang tersisa setelah Ija dan Cunul pulang.

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Foto-foto minus si wisudawan.

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Serius kamma ki belajar. Eh ternyata cuma baca BUKU CURHAT hehehe.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Beli koran ahh… Eh kok tukang korannya ngupil.. Iihh… >_< (eh ini kampus apa pinggir jalan sih? kok dari pengemis tadi sampai penjual koran pun ada hehehe)

Hehehe segitu aja :D
Pertanyaannya… kapan gw nyusul jadi dentist? Hmmm… ga tau hehehehe. Semua indah pada waktunya *ngeles mode on*

My Mom’s Birthday is Today!

Sometimes I know the words to say,
Give thanks for all you’ve done,
But then they fly up and away,
As quickly as they come.

How could I possibly thank you enough,
The one who makes me whole,
The one to whom I owe my life,
The forming of my soul.

The one who tucked me in at night,
The one who stopped my crying,
The one who was the expert,
At picking up when I was lying.

The one who saw me off to school,
And spent sad days alone,
Yet magically produced a smile,
As soon as I came home.

The one who makes such sacrifices,
To always put me first,
Who lets me test my broken wings,
In spite of how it hurts.

Who paints the world a rainbow,
When it’s filled with broken dreams,
Who explains it all so clearly,
When nothing’s what it seems.

Are there really any words for this?
I find this question tough…
Anything I want to say,
Just doesn’t seem enough.

What way is there to thank you,
For your heart, your sweat, your tears,
For ten thousand little things you’ve done,
For oh-so-many years.

For changing with me as I changed,
Accepting all my flaws,
Not loving ’cause you had to,
But loving “just because.”

For never giving up on me,
When your wits had reached their end,
For always being proud of me,
For being my best friend.

And so I come to realize,
The only way to say,
The only thank you that’s enough,
Is clear in just one way.

Look at me before you,
See what I’ve become,
Do you see yourself in me?
The job that you have done?

All your hopes and all your dreams,
The strength that no one sees,
A transfer over many years,
Your best was passed to me.

Thank you for the gifts you give,
For everything you do,
But thank you, Mommy, most of all,
For making dreams come true.

Your Daughter
Happy Birthday, Mom!
God bless you!

Happy Birthday, my love Nuy Kidy!

Birthday comes once a year
creeping up on us, we all cheer
We all enjoy this special day
and celebrate it, our own way
A beautiful birthday wish for you
and all your dreams become real too
Now is the time, to ask for your dreams
this day is lucky, so it seems
Another year, crept up on you< not just a year older, but wiser too! God placed his hand upon our shoulder our health and life, God is the holder Ask your wish, it may come true
I know at our age, it’s definitely due
Close your eyes, wish good and hard
I hope you enjoy your Birthday this year..
Today of all days, I wish I could be,
The one in your arms, its your birthday you see.
Could hug
you and kiss you, and hold your hand tight,
Be with you all evening, so perfect, so right.
But reality is hard, you are too far away on the other city,
But its so nice just thinking, of what might have been.
Love you..
Wish you all the best in the whole world and always success in your life.
God bless you, hunny..!

Happy Birthday, Eunice!

See the little girl lower right on the picture? Her name is Eunice Imanuela. I called her Eunice. Born at Makassar, on December 15th, 2000, which is 4 years ago from now. Yes, today is her birthday. She is my cute little sister. She is a gift from heaven. She is my Christmas surprise 4 years ago. She’s adorable!
Today we decided to make a special occassion in her class for her birthday. Mom bought 2 chocolate cakes and brought them to Eunice’s school, so Eunice can enjoy her birthday in her classroom with all her classmates.
Anyway, here’s the pictures of today:

Happy Birthday, Eunice!

Oh my chocolate cake, what happened to you? What 4 years old? Whoa..

Ssh.. be quiet, it’s a special photo-session for today!

Thumbs up for Eunice!!