If you fall in love with someone, you hope that he/she feels the same way about you too. But how will he/she know if you never tell the one you love. Just like what happened between Rio (Marcellius Siahaan) and Renata (Rachel Maryam).
The love story begins when Rio and Renata are locked up in a broken lift. Right on the 17th floor, the lift stops and only these two people are trapped in the lift. Rio, a cool, handsome and ambitious young producer seems to be very arrogant and he doesn’t want to talk to Renata. But Renata, a cheerful and easygoing writer at a teen magazine, tries to melt the “frozen situation” between them. Finally, still trapped in the lift, Rio finds that Renata is a charming girl and he’s falling for her. But suddenly the lift can move again. Renata and Rio separated before knowing how to contact each other.
Renata falls in love with Rio but her efforts to find Rio never succeeded. Actually, Rio is already engaged to be married. But he can’t get Renata out of his mind. Rio also tries very hard to meet Renata again. He goes to a claip voyant to find her. But he still doesn’t succeed. Meanwhile, Rio’s fianc�e finds that her sweetheart is thinking about another woman. So, what’s going to happen to Rio and his fianc�e? Are they going to split? Will Ria and Renata meet again?
Transinema-Trans TV produces the movie in connection with its first anniversary. Alex Abbad, Priscillia Amelia and Nadia Mulia also starring this movie. The movie’s soundtrack album features Marcell, Andien, Ariyo and some other singers. Andai Ia Tahu is a cool flick, especially for teenagers.

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