Running on Empty
“We won’t run out,” I said confidently. “There’s enough gas in there to get you home and me too. I know the gas gauge on this car.” My cousin and I were on our way home after a big shopping, and it was close to midnight. He had seen that the needle was past empty, so he let me know that he had no intention of walking the rest of the way home.
As usual, I was running on empty. It’s not that I didn’t have the money. I simply didn’t leave myself enough time to stop for few bucks worth before we arrived at the mall. We had just enough time to play before the curtain rose.
When I looked at the gauge realistically, I knew he had reason to worry. “I must be running on fumes,” I said to myself. He never heard the huge sigh of the relief I breathed when we pulled into his driveway. Nor did I ever tell him that I ran out of gas less than 3 blocks from the house and had to walk a mile to get home.
I’ve done the same thing spiritually. I’ve kept myself running at top speed, barely slowing down to say hello to the Lord at the end of the day. I get up late the next morning, rush headlong into the day, and keep repeating the cycle. I allow no time for reading the Bible or more than a 10-second “thanks for the food” prayer. There’s certainly no time for reflecting on the character of God or carrying on an extended conversation with Him. That’s a case of running on spiritual empty – vulnerable – in danger, with no reserves left to keep going.
So what’s the answer? Keep he tanks of your mind and heart filled in a variety ways: Fellowship with believers regularly. Spend quality time in the Word. Take time to pray deeply and honestly. Meditate on God’s truth. If you’ll use these spiritual tank-fillers, you won’t find yourself running on empty!

� Why do I think I don’t have time for fellowship, Bible reading, and prayer?
� What does that tell me about what’s important to me?
� What should I do to keep my spiritual tanks full?

So.. what is your answer of reflection? The answers is yours!! :)


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