Life Lessons from Lovebirds
Recently, me and my mom were walking through a local pet shop near closing time, when we decided to stop and take a look around the shop. As we made our way past the cages of poodles and Pomeranians, tabby cats and turtles, our eyes caught sight of something that immediately charmed us: a pair of peach- faced lovebirds. Unlike many other lovebirds we encountered there, this particular pair looked truly “in love.” In fact, they snuggled and cuddled next to each other the whole time we watched them. Throughout the next few days, my mind returned to the image of those two delightful birds. I admired their devotion, and felt their very presence inspiring.
Apparently, these birds had the same effect on my mom, because she showed up late afternoon shortly thereafter, clutching an elegant birdcage that housed those two precious creatures, and introduced them as new additions to the family. For days we wrestled with names of well-known couples, coming up with everything from Ricky and Lucy and George and Gracie to Wilma and Fred. But finally we decided on Ozzie and Harriet – a gentle reminder of a simpler day when love and togetherness between couples were not only a commitment, but a way of life.
And so it is with this in mind that I have watched these lovebirds and made the following observations about life and love:
1. If you spend too much time looking in the mirror, it’s easy to lose your balance.
2. Always keep a pleasant look on your face, even if your cage needs cleaning.
3. If your mate wants to share your perch with you, move over.
4. The real treats in life usually come only after you’ve cracked a few hulls.
5. It takes two to snuggle.
6. Sometimes your mate can see mites you didn’t even know you had.
7. Singing draws more affection than squawking.
8. It is only when your feathers get ruffled that your true colors really show.
9. Too many toys can be distracting.
10. When you have love in your heart, everyone around you will find joy in your presence.
So, have you learn a life lesson yet?? The answers is yours! :)

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