Happy Birthday, mas Katon Bagaskara!
Today one of my favorite Indonesian male singer, Katon Bagaskara, celebrating his birthday! He got one more year on this earth! :) Wish you all the best and always success in your career.. as a male singer or with your group, KLa Project.
Have you noticed how hard it is to have a simple joyful event anymore? Something inside wants me to blame it on some external factor like political correctness run amuck. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. We live in a fallen world of complicated joy.
Birthday parties are special because a group of friends come to rejoice at the blessings of someone else. Much is the same in our celebrations of complicated joy at church. We will never assemble with unfettered joy on this side of heaven. But, if we will allow ourselves, we can anticipate that unfettered joy in moments of celebration where the broken, injured, and wounded share in the joy of the moment with those who are not. While it may be a bit complicated by our fallen and broken world, our time together as God�s family must be a time to anticipate the joy that awaits us when our Father in Heaven brings us home!
Even though it may be complicated, rejoice!

…dedicated to Katon Bagaskara. Happy Birthday!

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