I Got a New Look!
Yesterday I went to barbershop and trimmed my front hair :p Just want to have a new look. Why? Maybe because I am so depressed these couples of weeks, makes me feels want to have a new breath, new power, and I thought if I got a new look, my mood wont fall that far anymore :p Everyone got amazed this morning at the clinic, hahahaha.. :D Some says great haircut, some says nice one, some says that i look a like a character in a japanese comic hehehe.. It helps too, not because all the comments, it really helps me get into the mood.
One thing makes me get into the mood too, one of my problems in the clinic is solved!! Thanks to God! Finally.., and I hope this moment will last until finish.
I thought about how sometimes life�s problems, trials and tests can be so overwhelming. We often feel like we need to come up for air just to be able to breathe. The bottom of the pool would be an adequate way to explain how lost and lonely the way gets some days. Yet, no matter how deep our struggles, or how far away we roam, it is never too late to return to the Lord. God is always waiting with outstretched arms for you �to make a new breath� and a new life in Him.

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