Tips to Rock Back To School Shopping this Year

Though it feels as though summer has just begun and your kids are out of school for the weeks ahead, the first day of school really is just right around the corner. If you start planning all you need to do now, you can spread out your shopping and preparations across the summer rather than rushing around at the end of August trying to get everything done. Check out these helpful tips to get organized before your kids return to the classroom:

1. Make lists
Your first move should be to gather all of the information you need from your children’s schools regarding the items they’ll need for the coming school year. Teachers often provide lists of how many notebooks and other learning tools such as calculators and art supplies. These may be handed out at the end of the school year or mailed to your home over the summer. If you don’t have the lists yet, focus on other items your kids will need, such as new clothes and sporting equipment. Write everything down in one place and check items off as you acquire them to stay on target.

2. Keep an eye out for coupons and sales
Now that you have a clear idea of all you’ll need, you can be on the lookout for discounts or sales that will help you save money. If a great opportunity comes up to get your kids all sneakers for gym class, you can take advantage of it and stash the shoes away until school’s back in session. You can look online, check circulars of local stores for coupons and investigate sale items when you are shopping for other goods. Having time to plan and purchase back-to-school items also means you can research different clothing and supplies to find the best value. If found this mohawk superfine paper to be an excellent deal.

3. Put the items in storage and leave them be
When you start buying back-to-school clothes, notebooks, art supplies and other items, your kids might want to start using them. This can result in you needing to do more shopping when the first day back draws nearer. To avoid this, keep your purchases separate. Store them in the garage or the attic rather than in your children’s closets to avoid the temptation. Then, when classes begin, you can send your kids to school in clean clothes with fresh supplies and fresh minds.

4. Try out new school lunch ideas
If you pack lunch for your children, summer is a great time to get inventive and test out different recipes and ideas. Rather than tossing a sandwich and an apple into a brown paper bag, why not try a unique option like a Bento box? This allows you to combine lots of fun ingredients in a fresh, new way that can be fun for your youngsters. You can try different combinations of finger foods, such as chopped veggies with hummus, rolled cold cuts, and crackers.


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