Shopping and Social Network

There used to be a time when social media was only a tool for building brand awareness and engaging with current and potential customers. But from awareness to conversion, social media changed and started to play a crucial role through the whole shopping experience online. The relationship between social media and shopping has changed dramatically over the past years, and brands and retailers are exploring ways to take full advantage of that. It’s evident that social media became a handy and powerful tool for social commerce, and prominent social media players like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are using it.

Let’s take you on a tour of what social commerce is all about and how to form your digital strategy for social commerce while still being able to offer great discounts to the public (check it out here).

Social commerce and social shopping – shopping on your favorite social media networks?
It was not long ago that social media presence was enough for brands to have an advantage from their competitors. Social media became a crucial point of communication and brand advocacy for many companies, and as more and more companies have begun to use social media, the focus shifted. The spotlight from interpersonal communication online changed to sharing opinions about different brands. People started using social media for different purposes – to read the news, follow trends, and even shop. It also seems that it is in the nature of social media to share, recommend, and basically to shortcut the shopping customer journey. Given all of that, the possibility of purchasing products directly from social media platforms seems like a logical step.

But let’s get back to the start. What is social commerce anyway? It is often described as online commerce that involves social media. Moreover, it represents social media as a selling point for different products. Essentially, it’s a simple way for people to complete the purchase of the product. Social shopping gives a break from the usual complex purchase journey on e-commerce sites that often involves redirecting from one platform to another.