Reps Council Election : Q&A and Video

Hi all,
This is a post related to the Mozilla Reps Council election. Every 6 months, 3 or 4 Mozilla Reps (depending on the election cycle) are elected to sit on the Mozilla Reps Council for a 1 year term. The elections ensure that the program stays true to its core values of participation, accountability and transparency.

Mozilla Reps mentors in RemoCamp 2013 - Madrid.
Mozilla Reps mentors in RemoCamp 2013 – Madrid.

Here I am nominating my self as a Reps Council for this Spring 2014. I want to help more deeper in Mozilla Reps program with all I have, skills and resources.

As a candidate in this Reps Council election, we must answer the Q&A from the Council, and and make a video.

I am all ears for questions and suggestions. You can reach me via my social networks 24 hours a day.
Twitter : @rara79, Facebook :, email rara79 at, and LINE : rara79

Thank you ^.^


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