10.000 Spoons

It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife.
When all you need is a knife might not be ironic, but it is unfortunate.

It’s like traffic jam when you’re already late, said Alanis Morissette.
It’s like making instant noodle and accidentally mix the wrong sauce.
It’s like you need to relieve yourself, and the toilet is broken.

It’s like saying I love you but I hate you.

How unfortunate to face the reality that the promise has broken, twice. No, many times.
How unfortunate to find some sneaky ways that happened behind the back.

You say it’s all in my head and the things I think just don’t make sense
So where you been then? Don’t go all coy

Do tell me why you waste our time
When your heart ain’t admitting you’re not satisfied
You know I know just how you feel
I’m starting to find myself feeling that way too

Time and time again, I play the role of fool (Just for you)
Even in the daylight when you think that I don’t see you

See? It’s like a start with Alanis and end up with Adele :P


What is a surefire way to sabotage your business results without you having to make any bad decisions, or really do anything bad at all?

You as the CEO of your company can slash any chance of success by having a poor mindset.

How does a CEO create a bad mindset? With the wrong kinds of thoughts.

Whatever is running through a CEO’s mind will eventually show up in their business. Regardless of if they have the best solution in the world, it won’t ever come to fruition if they have the wrong mindset.

Successful CEOs know this. Therefore, they are exceedingly aware of their thoughts, and they constantly monitor them to make sure that they aren’t causing destruction.

Of all the things to hold your business back from reaching its full potential, don’t let a poor mindset be one of them!

Negative thoughts undoubtedly result in a bad mindset, which results in bad results.

Not sure if your thoughts are holding you back or not? Check out these 10 negative thoughts that will surely keep you in your place!

Then, take a close look at your own mind and see whether or not you are a regular thinker of the thoughts!

Don’t let invisible thoughts be the thing that ruins your business!

Why Is a CEO Mindset Important?

The mindset of a company’s CEO can literally make or break the company.


A business is in many ways a reflection of its CEO.

Therefore, when a CEO has low-quality thoughts running through their mind, they eventually manifest into poor business results.

Because of this, successful CEOs tend to have high-quality thoughts running through their mind.

While they are prone to negative ones slipping in every now and again, they nonetheless make up the majority of their mind with positive ones!

Regardless of what a business owner’s definition of success is, they need to have the right mindset to achieve it!

In one way or another, the CEOs thoughts will reflect in their business results.

What Is a CEO Mindset

How Does a CEO Think Differently Than an Average Person?

Never forget that CEOs are no more or less special than anyone else.

They aren’t born ahead of the pack in terms of having the right mindset.

With that said, the biggest difference between the thought process of the average person, or a CEO struggling to get by, and the most successful CEO is that the successful CEO chooses to change their mindset to one that will benefit them the most! Check out the best images of harold matzner.

Entrepreneurs know that thoughts can be your best friend or worst enemy.

Therefore, they consciously choose to think the right thoughts, instead of letting their minds run wild with ones that will cause destruction.

Because choosing to think a certain way is possible for everyone, anyone, whether they are current business owners or wish to become one, can adopt a successful CEO mindset!

Here is How Successful CEOs DON’T Think

Is your mindset holding you back from reaching your full potential as a CEO?

Of all the things in the world to let get in the way of your success, thoughts are a stupid one to do it!

Thankfully, everyone has the ability to choose their thoughts, and effectively change their mindset if they wish.

Much of the time, the root cause of these negative thoughts is the emotion of fear. And, it is impossible to ever completely eliminate fear from your mind.

Therefore, overcoming these thoughts is much of the time of learning to control fear!

If you want to join the leagues of the world’s most successful CEOs, then DON’T let these 10 thoughts overtake your mind!

1. It’s Too Complicated

If an entrepreneur’s reason for not doing something is because it’s “too complicated”, they are destined to fail.

When someone says something is too complicated to do or try, they’re not really saying that it is too complex, difficult, or challenging.

What they’re actually saying is that they’re too afraid to make a risky move or press on in challenging times. “It’s too complicated” translates directly to “I’m afraid”.

Here’s the thing: Nobody is telling you that you need to build a million dollar empire overnight.

A majority of the world’s most successful business owners have spent years building their empires, failing many times in the process.

The only difference between them and the CEO who doesn’t make it is that they persisted!

Not only that, but the truth is that business is actually quite simple! It’s challenging and takes A LOT of effort, but it isn’t complicated.

In fact, overcomplicating business processes is one of the most common causes of business problems.

The best CEOs don’t look at challenges as being too complicated, because they are not afraid!

2. You Just Need to Work Hard

When are we finally going to stop telling people that all they need to do to be successful is work hard?

The idea is planted inside of us from a young age, and most of us hear it on a regular basis in both the regular world and business world.

Great CEOs know that hard work is not enough. Every successful CEO works hard, but not every CEO who works hard is successful.

Moreover, hard work is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to success.

You can work as hard as you want, but it will be extremely challenging for you to build a successful business if you:

Are working hard on the wrong thing
Are working hard but are very distracted
Are working hard but are not persistent
High-performing CEOs are the hardest workers in their companies, but they know that they need to do much more than just show up and work a bunch of hours to be successful.

Bad CEO Mindset

3. It’s Important to Wait for the Right Time

There is never going to be a perfect time in life for anything!

One minute you’re dealing with one challenge, and the next minute you overcome it. Then, before you know it, an even greater challenge peaks its head around the corner.

As they say: New level, new devil.

If you want to start your own business or implement a new idea to take your existing business to the next level, know that there will never be a perfect time to do it.

The longer that you wait around for the right time to do something, the less likely you are to actually do it.

Saying that there is a right time for everything is like thinking that business is super complicated: It indicates that fear lurks beneath the surface.

If you know that you have a solution that could help solve people’s problems, there is never a better time to help them than right now!

Good leaders in business understand that people have problems, and they don’t waste any time trying to help them find a solution!

If you wait for the perfect time to come around to move, you will probably never move at all.

4. The Product or Service is The Most Important Part of Business Success

No. Your product or service is not the most important factor of your business success!

What’s the point of having a business if nobody ever gets your product or service in their hands?

With that said, having a solid sales process is the most important factor in the success of your business!

Sales processes are dire to business success. You can have the best solution in the world, but it doesn’t mean anything if nobody gets it in their hands.

And, no. Having sales skills is not the same as having a solid sales process!

Think of the difference between sales skills and sales processes like the difference between having knowledge and knowing how to make use of that knowledge! There is no point in knowing facts and information if you don’t know what to do with it!

In the same way, you can read books, listen to podcasts, and even attend seminars on how to improve your sales skills. But, those skills don’t mean anything unless you can put them into a strategic process.

In short: Master your sales process if you want to master your business.

5. It Has to Be Perfect Before We Put it Out

Not only is there never going to be a perfect time for you to get moving on your business, but also your product or service will never be completely perfect!

There is always something about your product or service that can be improved.

Therefore, if you tell yourself you need to make your product or service perfect before you sell it, you will eventually come to realize that there is no such thing as perfection!


Di hari yang cerah, sepasang kaki melangkah dengan ringan dan pasti. Pada penjual bunga, sepasang kaki itu berhenti. Kemudian melangkah lagi, hingga terhenti pada sebuah kedai es krim, lalu melanjutkan langkah. Tetap dengan ringan dan ceria.
Setelah beratus-ratus langkah, sepasang kaki tersebut mempercepat langkah. Berlari, seiring dengan perubahan cuaca yang cerah menjadi mendung berawan. Lebih cepat, dan cepat.

Sampai di suatu titik, sepasang kaki tadi akhirnya memperlambat langkahnya, tertatih. Lelah, dan melambat. Sesekali tersandung batu atau terjatuh karena lubang di jalan. Hari mulai semakin gelap dan hujan mulai membasahi tanah.

Kemudian tiba di depan pintu, yang telah tertutup.


And it’s too late, baby, now it’s too late
Though we really did try to make it
Something inside has died and I can’t hide
And I just can’t fake it


Ada waktunya kita berhenti untuk berbicara.
Ada waktunya kita berhenti untuk berpikir.
Berhenti di mana kita memutar arah.
Dan terpaku seperti mobil yang sedang diparkir.

Berhenti pada suatu tujuan, atau berhenti pada saat menuju sebuah tujuan.
Itu semua adalah pilihan.

Saat berhenti, apakah kita akan berjalan lagi? Atau ke kiri? Ke kanan? Atau mutar balik?
Semua adalah pilihan yang harus diambil.

Kita tidak bisa bilang “I have no choice” dalam menghadapi hidup, sebab dalam menjalani kehidupan kita akan selalu dihadapkan pada banyak pilihan untuk menentukan langkah.

Berhenti untuk bertemu
Berhenti untuk berpisah
Berhenti untuk melupakan

Dan pada saatnya, waktu pun akan berhenti.

I was cryin’ when I met you
Now I’m tryin’ to forget you
Love is sweet misery

Ruang Kosong

Nice to meet you, where you been?

Sudah lama tidak mengisi blog ini *sapu-sapu debu, bersihin lumut dan sarang laba-laba* ..somehow beberapa tahun terakhir keinginan menulis sudah menurun. Kenapa? Well, so many things happened. Ternyata, mood dan kejadian yang tidak mendukung kebahagiaan hati memang membuat seseorang menjadi kontra-produktif :( writer block kah? #suram

Dulu saat baru memulai ngeblog, hingga banyak tahun kemudian, rasanya ada saja yang bisa ditulis di sini. Sekarang rasanya otak memang penuh dengan ruang kosong :D

Jadi ingat pembahasan Tudang Sipulung Angingmammiri bulan November yang lalu. Kebetulan saat itu lagi pulang ke Makassar dan bisa menghadiri acara bulanan itu. Apakah fenomena micro-blogging yang membuat para blogger perlahan-lahan meninggalkan ruang kreasinya, dan menuju ke ruang 140 karakter saja? Atau perubahan sifat blogger yang sekarang kebanyakan lebih komersil? Atau hanya sekedar rasa jenuh saja? Yang bisa menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan tersebut adalah masing-masing blogger yang mengalaminya.

Untuk saya, mungkin ada pengaruh dari mood yang memang sedang naik turun beberapa tahun terakhir. Mungkin juga karena terlalu sibuk, sampai tidak punya waktu untuk diri sendiri lagi. Yang pasti, blog ini tidak akan pernah saya hapus.. kecuali hostingnya udah bangkrut :P

Kenapa? Supaya saat saya kembali ingin menuangkan kata-kata, masih ada ruang kosong yang bisa dipakai untuk menempatkan kata-kata tersebut :)

But you’ll come back each time you leave
‘Cause, darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream

Bantu Aku

Ini lagu lama.
Dan sudah lama juga saya tidak mendengarkan lagu ini. Terakhir mendengarkan lagu ini dalam keadaan mood terjun bebas jatuh kedalam jurang, kurang lebih tanggal 24 Agustus di tahun 2000.

Dan tahun ini kembali saya memutarnya berulang-ulang untuk menaikkan mood saya yang terjun bebas lagi ini :)

Catatan : video ini bukan video asli dari KLa Project, tapi hanya ini yang bisa saya dapat di Youtube :D hahah..

Biar kuutarakan saja
Segenap rasa mengendap di dada
Lewati desah nada lagu
Walau sumbang terlanda sendu

Suratku, seribu makna
Bagimu, dambaan jiwa
Masih tetap terjaga s’lalu
Sebentuk cinta kasihku buatmu

Sejak kau tanamkan harapan
Kusambut dan membuka tangan
Tega kau buyarkan impian

Bantu aku, lari dari bayangmu
Hasrat melupakanmu
Usah lagi, senyum sapamu mengganggu
Engkau bukan untukku

Terlanjur aku terjatuh
Mencoba bangkit dan berjalan lagi


Eh gosipnya konser KLa Project yang dijadwalkan 26 Juli 2013 jadi ke bulan Agustus. Hmm semoga punya kesempatan untuk nonton dan mereka menyanyikan lagu ini :)

Manusia Bodoh

This is an old song. But it felt good in my ears nowadays.

Dahulu terasa indah
Tak ingin lupakan
Bermesraan selalu jadi satu kenangan manis

Tiada yang salah
Hanya aku manusia bodoh
Yang biarkan semua ini permainkanku
Berulang ulang kali

Reff :
Mencoba bertahan sekuat hati
Layaknya karang yang dihempas sang ombak
Jalani hidup dalam buai belaka
Serahkan cinta tulus di dalam takdir

Tak ayal tingkah lakumu
Buatku putus asa
Kadang akal sehat ini
Tak cukup membendungnya

Hanya kepedihan
Yang selalu datang menertawakanku
Engkau belahan jiwa
Tega menari indah di atas tangisanku

Bridge :
Semua kisah pasti ada akhir
Yang harus dilalui
Begitu juga akhir kisah ini
Yakinku indah

Tapi sampai kapankah kuharus
Menanggungnya kutukan cinta ini
Bersemayam dalam kalbu

Sampai kapan?

L’amour et la douleur

Something that blazing away
Thinking a thought that never get over
It’s a thing that left unsaid

Aishiteru, je t’aime, ti amo, te amo
Millions languages can describe that

It’s a thing that left unveil
It’s a thing that left unreveal
Per Gessle said, can you tell me where it leads
when it’s never ending?

Hang on like an overcast sky
Drops fallen from the eyes in the middle of no where

People said that love and pain became one in a package
It will hurt you and giving you laughter in the same time
Do the hocus pocus thing to me, and let me keep dream on

Because when I awake, I found nothing but you
..and you’re not alone.