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Hello.. :)

My name is Irayani Queencyputri, but you can always call me Rara.

I’m a creative female from Makassar – South Sulawesi. Spent 28 years in Makassar and move to Jakarta for these 3 years until now for work. Spent 1 year in Tambelan Island – Kepulauan Riau as a temporary dentist in the health facility from the government. Yes, I am in Indonesia.
Born in 1979, being a dentist by profession since 2007, blogger by passion and I even get a marketing company as Indexer to promote my site, and also I always enjoy be TRAVELER and that’s what I blog about.

Single and involved with love, always try to enjoy the life as much as I can :)
Speaks Indonesian, English, Japanese, likes music, reading, writing, photography, manga.
Currently a writer of 2 books, a JAPAN-freak, KLanese (read: KLanis).

Was a leader for Angingmammiri from 2006 to 2010, involved with Pesta Blogger+ 2010 as Chairwoman.
Now active as Mozilla Representative for Indonesia since 2011.

31 Replies to “About Me”

  1. wah keknya saya peserta pesta blogger 2010 padang yang pertama langsung buka blog nya mbak rara’nih…
    gimana mbak jalan-jalan dan satnite nya di kota padang,di guyur hujan yah…..

  2. blog yang penuh inspirasi.bisa ngurangin sakit gigi bacanya. apa beda KL dan tambelan ya.? dialek upin ipin nya kan same he he

  3. Dear Rara,

    Salam kenal. Saya pernah baca kamu ada comment soal obat sariawan Solcoceryl,,,
    Boleh minta bantuan, dimana kamu biasa beli? Kakak saya lagi cari, tapi sudah ke beberapa apotek tapi blum ketemu juga. Thanks :)

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