Congratulations, Tia!
No, not because I’m a fan of Tia in Akademi Fantasi Indosiar (AFI), but because I am happy that this time the viewer’s choice is right. Yes she deserved it. Nice voice she had. Anyway, the gossips about AFI’s winner already predicted and decided by Indosiar is fully erased. :) But one thing in the Grand Final that happened made a few of viewer lost feeling to continue watching. Two persons that not supposed to sing there, were singing!! Gosh! Come on, this is not a campaign! So rude, entering a great show with those kind of acts. Truly, I just want to see pure music concert! Not politic :( Well hope I can forget those things happened and we’re still talking bout the winner, Tia, again, CONGRATS!!
Pat Riley, the famous basketball coach said, �There�s only two things in this league: winning and misery!� No wonder so many sports figures will do anything to win, including taking steroids, hurting players intentionally, or altering their transcripts so a player can play illegally. No wonder one coach rewards players with stickers on their football helmets for big hits he calls �slobber-knockers�!
The Lord said a leader is someone who sits at the foot of the table; one who is willing to assist others, pick them up instead of bad-mouthing them down. That�s the real winner. God came to reverse our priorities because our priorities are wrong.
All our children�all our nations children�will be better off if we follow in God’s steps.


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