My 4th Week Puppies
I got 4 new puppies from my dog 4 weeks ago. They’re so small, really need help from their mom. So I didn’t bother them for these 4 weeks :) But yesterday I was so surprise seeing them walk around, so cute.. then I grabbed to of them and make some pictures of them :p


After a few minutes, I watched these puppies are trying to walk faster, step by step just like a baby who learn how to walk. So cute. Then their mom is keep in sight of them. If these puppies fell and start to cry then the mom come and rise it up while licking her child (licking refers kissing for the dogs :p), so the puppy stand up again n walks :)
I imagined the condition going something like this: �Hey junior, come on stand up. You can make it, just try to walk slowly first. Not so fast. You may fall down again. Slower. Smoother. Now, stop crying. Be sure to make it look effortless. That girl watching us and taking notes. Now, here�s how you hover. Good! Now walk! Stop hopeless! You can do it! Remember, smooth and leisurely. Excellent! Now let�s walk right here where I stand. You�re doing great kid, but we�re not finished. This is our big moment. Ready? You�re doing great! Just keep doing what you do and you�ll be fine.�
A little later I saw the these puppies walks woth their mom on their way back down the doghouse. This time they have switched places. These puppies are walks faster than a few minutes ago. They are in front of their mom now. I imagined the older once say, �Okay, kids. Your turn to lead. Take off!�
Look around you. See any puppies wanting to learn to walk. There may be someone who needs the wisdom and experience you have. The new guy on the job, the new couple at church, that young mother who seems to have her hands full, or the young man who has just begun his walk with the Lord. You have the knowledge, you have the wisdom, and you have the gift they need. Don�t waste the opportunity!
Take time and teach someone to walk!


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