Vagina Monolog
Hi fellas! Long time no write huh? Yeah sorry.. i got much time to write now :) On Monday (14/06/2004) night I went to Sahid Makassar Hotel to see a theatre play titled “Vagina Monolog”. Don’t ever think dirty about it hehehe, no it is not a porn play or sumthing mesum. It was a really great theatre play! Starring: Aliyah Mustika Ilham Arif Sirajuddin, Zohra Andi Baso, Shinta Febriyanti, Dewi Ritanaya, Luna Vidya, Suti Karno, Rima Melati, Jajang C. Noer, Rachel Maryam, Ratna Riantiarno, Marcella Zhaliyanti.
Vagina Monolog talks about woman, woman and woman. This theatre play made to fight against woman abuse, girl abuse in every side of the story. Many woman in this world forget what she had. Many woman in this world prisoned to know her inches of her body. And vagina is almost forgotten, always hidden. Woman abuse such as prostitute, sexual abuse, woman-trade.. always happens days by days in this world, wherever. Victims increasing. And again, it’s all about the vagina and how vagina feels about the abuses.
Really great theatre play, again I said! Kewl! Cool! :p
Anyway i got some pictures and I hope this time pictures talk :)
When the stage still clear (left), the opening (right)
Suti Karno (left), Rima Melati (right)
The singer (left), komunitas kerudung hitam in concert (right)
Marcella Zhaliyanti (left), Rachel Maryam (center)
The epilogue…

Suti Karno-Rachel Maryam-Marcella Zhalianty after play (right)


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