Life Goes On, Baby..
Na na na na na Life Goes On, na na na na na make me strong
Oooh yeah, Got a feeling that I can’t go back

This noon after working hard at clinic, I went for lunch with my friends. Ija, one of my friend who married a couple of weeks ago!! She just back from her sweet honeymoon at the Bali. Her husband is on duty now at Jakarta so she got to back here and continue her clinic-time. Then she told us all her experiences and .. you know, girls talk! :)
Then we talked about each of our relationships with our boyfriends. I talked about my kidy who went to Shanghai for SunNetwork Conference 2004. About how many sms he sent me. It was amazing, coz when he was in Indonesia, he never send me sms so repeatedly :p Then suddenly one of my friend, Wati, feels so bad mood. I guess she still have the pain because of her breakup after 7 years of loving :(
Come on life is still goes on…! Then I remembered a song from LeAnn Rimes titled “Life Goes On”..

“…Oooh, life goes on, and its only gonna make me strong
Its a fact, once you get on board say goodbye cuz you can’t go back
Oooh, its a fight, and I really wanna get it right
Where I’m at, its my life before me, got this feeling that I can’t go back
Na na na na na life goes on, na na na na na make me strong
Oooh yeah, got a feeling that I can’t go back
Life goes on (and its only gonna make me strong)
Life goes on and on and on
Shame on you if you fool me once,
Shame on me if you fool me twice
But you’ve been a pretty hard case to crack
I should’ve known better but I didn’t and I can’t go back…”

Come on girl, life is still goes on, everything is still run along. No one stop just because you stop. So, that’s life, hurt but flows..
“Life is not for the faint of heart.”
I have no clue who said that. I’m sure some of you will remind me and that your answers will be different! The truth is often repeated.
However, I am thankful that God has given us the Bible to speak truthfully to us about life’s adventures. It doesn’t pull any punches. It doesn’t try to soft-pedal the truth. Life is hard. A simple reading of the Bible’s story reminds of this. The beauty of this tough and true-to-life story of God is that it can speak to us today — right into the middle of our tough world with all its twists, turns, stops, and starts.
At many junctures in our journey through life, we find ourselves traveling into new territory. Move to a new town, a new church, and a new challenge. Iis the challenge of the new territory that graduation or a marriage brings — that’s an exciting journey into new territory. The new territory is a more terrifying terrain — life after a divorce, the death of a loved one, a horrible or debilitating illness, the loss of a job, the break up of an engagement …. and on and on we could go.
Does all this sound too simple or na�ve? Does it seem like church talk? Probably, except these words carried a bunch of nomads to possess a land that God had promised to them … a land filled with giants and enemies and fortified cities … a land that was their new territory .. a land that became their new home :)

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