Me, Life, and You
It’s easy to find, just follow your heart baby
Hi all.. yes it’s me again, Rara. Now with the new face of blogsite :) Anyway still the same colour, but different style :p~* Why I keep using this colour?? Because this is my favorite colour. Blue and black! Black and blue! Hahaha whateva lah~~… Well i got a fave song for today. I copied some videoclips from kidy a few weeks ago when he was here. Then last night I watched them and then I stuck on Jewel’s song named Intuition. Really nice song! Here it is..

Jewel – Intuition
I’m just a simple girl
In a high tech digital world
I really try to understand
All the powers that rule this land
They say Miss J’s big butt is boss
Kate Moss can’t find a job
In a world of post modern fad
What was good now is bad
It’s not hard to understand
Just follow this simple plan
#Follow your heart
Your intuition
It will lead you in the right direction
Let go of your mind
Your Intuition
It’s easy to find
Just follow your heart baby
You look at me
but you’re not quite sure
Am I it or could you get more?
You learn cool from magazines
You learn love from Charlie Sheen
If you want me let me know
I promise I won’t say no
You got something that you want me to sell
Sell your sin. Just cash in
You got something that you want me to tell
You’ll love me. Wait and see.
If you want me
Don’t play games
I promise
It won’t be in vain

You know why i like this song? Because it is a reality. Reality in a real life. In your life you must follow your intuition, and life goes on.. Whether you like it or not but that’s your life, you are the one who will walk on the path, so whatever you do and what ever you choose when questions get into your mind, just follow your heart, your intuition and it will lead you in the right direction..
You are the one that decide your life! Not other people, not horoscope, not astrology, not the creepy witch, or whatever you said.
It is just YOU and YOUR LIFE! :)

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